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  1. Handpump,VLOM-65,MKIII,Spare Parts
    S0009304 Handpump,VLOM-65,MKIII,Spare Parts

    Open top Hand Pump, VLOM-65, (INDIA MARK III-65 (SKAT) - IM III - Mark
    III type), Variant number 4 package
    Storage consideration
    Indicative Price 9.60 USD
  2. Handpump,VLOM-50,MKIII,Spare Parts
    S0009313 Handpump,VLOM-50,MKIII,Spare Parts

    Fast moving Spare Parts Kit for INDIA MARK III-50/VLOM 50
    Indicative Price 3.30 USD
  3. Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MK II,Variant 2,OPEN
    S0009317 Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MK II,Variant 2,OPEN

    Extra Deep Well hand Pump (EDWP), INDIA MARK II-Extra Deepwell (SKAT) - with open choice of Stand type, handle counter weights and installation depth options, for cylinder installation depth of 48 to 90 metres.
    Indicative Price 1.00 USD
  4. Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MKII,Spare Parts,Std
    S0009318 Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MKII,Spare Parts,Std

    Standard Spare Parts Kit for Maintenance of EDWP (India Mk-II EDW) Hand
    Indicative Price 14.00 USD
  5. Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MK II,Counterweights
    S0009319 Handpump,EDWP,INDIA MK II,Counterweights

    Counter Weights for EDWP (India Mk-II Extra Deep Well) Hand Pumps, to
    apply on the T-bar handles of the pumps.
    Indicative Price 4.20 USD
  6. Handpump,U3M,63mm-PVC,30m,Recommended
    S0009320 Handpump,U3M,63mm-PVC,30m,Recommended

    Open top Hand Pump, U3M (Uganda U3 Modified) Deep-well Hand Pump, for corrosion resistant installation, with UPVC riser pipes, recommended general package, for cylinder installation depth of 30 meters, w/standard IMII/III handle and B-Stand.
    Indicative Price 381.00 USD
  7. Handpump,U3M,63mm-PVC,30m,Variant 1
    S0009321 Handpump,U3M,63mm-PVC,30m,Variant 1

    Open top Hand Pump, Uganda U3 Modified Deep-well Hand Pump (U3M), for corrosion resistant installation, with UPVC riser pipes, for cylinder installation depth of 30 meters, Variant 1 package with light Handle and Afridev A-Stand.
    Indicative Price 376.00 USD
  8. Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC,RECOMMENDED,30m
    S0009322 Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC,RECOMMENDED,30m

    Hand pump package, Open top Hand Pump, VLOM-50 uPVC, (India Mark III-50), Recommended General Package, with Telescopic Stand and UPVC riser pipes for UPVC cylinder installation to 30 meters
    Storage consideration
    Indicative Price 340.00 USD
  9. Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC,Variant 1,Norm,30m
    S0009323 Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC,Variant 1,Norm,30m

    Open top Hand Pump, VLOM-50, (INDIA MARK III-50 (SKAT) - IM III 50 -
    Mark III type), Variant 1 Package
    Indicative Price 339.00 USD
  10. Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC, Riser Pipe &SS-Rod
    S0009324 Handpump,VLOM 50-PVC, Riser Pipe &SS-Rod

    Hand pump EXTENSION Kit, SS Rods - and UPVC Riser Pipes for VLOM-50 (MARK III-50) with injection molded Three-Piece threaded Couplers, for Catalogue numbers S0009322 and S0009323.
    Indicative Price 27.60 USD
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