Supercereal CSB+ 10% sugar/BAG-1.5 KG

Super Cereal Corn Soya Blend with 10% Sugar in a 1.5 kg bag
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General Description:
Supercereal is Corn Soy Blend with 10% sugar. It is a pre-cooked blend, packed in 1.5kg bags. Bags used to prepare a formulated supplementary food in form of a porridge or gruel. Supercereal with 10% sugar consists of heat treated maize and soya beans, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Intended Use:
For use during emergencies and as food aid for food insecure populations.

Target population:
Adults and children over 5 years of age.

Technical Specifications:
Ingredients % by weight
Maize: 64.30
Whole soya beans: 24.00
Sugar: 10.00
Vitamin/Mineral premix: 0.20
Dicalcium Phosphate anhydrous: 1.23
Potassium chloride: 0.27
Moisture: 10.0% maximum

Nutritional value per 100 g. dry finished product:
- Energy 380 kcal minimum
- Protein 14.0 % (N x 6.25) minimum
- Fat 6.0 % minimum
- Crude fibre 3.8 % maximum
- Ash: 4.1 % maximum

Directions for use:
Blend with water (amount specified by the manufacturer) and cook for approximately 5-10 mins. Ensure the package is resealed after preparation. For example: 40g of Supercereal Corn Soy blend with 10% sugar with 250ml of water, simmer for 5-10 mins before cooling and serving.

Shelf life:
Minimum 12 months

Storage and transportation:
follow the manufactures instruction on the package, store and transport in cool dry conditions, below 30 degrees Celsius

Weight and Volume:
1.5 kg bag

Component of a Kit:
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