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  1. Supercereal Plus (WSB++)/BAG-1,5KG
    S0000296 Supercereal Plus (WSB++)/BAG-1,5KG

    Formulated supplementary food, wheat and soya based, for young children between 6-24 months of age, bag of 1,5kg
    Indicative Price : 1.43 USD
  2. Supercereal Plus (CSB++)/BAG-1,5KG
    S0000295 Supercereal Plus (CSB++)/BAG-1,5KG

    Super Cereal Plus Corn Soya Blend/BAG-1,5kg. Fortified flour of corn and
    soy, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals with added sugar and milk for
    young children aged 6 - 59 months.
    Indicative Price : 1.43 USD
  3. Supercereal (CSB+) 10% sugar/BAG-25kg
    S0000294 Supercereal (CSB+) 10% sugar/BAG-25kg

    Super Cereal Corn Soya Blend with 10% Sugar in a 25 kg bag
    Indicative Price : 16.39 USD
  4. LNS-MQ, sachet 50g/CAR-300
    S0000247 LNS-MQ, sachet 50g/CAR-300

    Medium Quantity Lipid Based Supplement (MQ-LNS), spread, is a food supplement intended to prevent malnutrition for children 6 months and older. One 50 g sachet is the recommended dose of MQ-LNS and provides approximately 267 kcal. Each carton contains 300 sachets.
    Indicative Price : 33.83 USD
  5. Biscuit,high energy/protein,CAR/16x400g
    S0000246 Biscuit,high energy/protein,CAR/16x400g

    High Energy Biscuits (HEB) are biscuits high in energy and protein and supplemented with a premix of vitamins and minerals. They are intended for general food distribution and use in emergencies.
    Indicative Price : 9.24 USD
  6. Fortified spread,sachet 20g/CAR-546
    S0000245 Fortified spread,sachet 20g/CAR-546

    Ready-to-use Supplementary Food (RUSF), Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement (LNS Small Quantity) for the prevention of malnutrition, 546 sachets of 20g per carton
    Indicative Price : 34.78 USD
  7. Emergency food ration,500g/CAR-24
    S0000230 Emergency food ration,500g/CAR-24

    Ready-to-eat fortified and cereal based dry compressed food, 9 bars per pack of 500g, 24 packs per carton
    Indicative Price : 42.24 USD
  8. Supplementary spread,sachet 100g/CAR-150
    S0000248 Supplementary spread,sachet 100g/CAR-150

    Ready-to-use Supplementary Food (RUSF), spread, for the management of moderate acute malnutrition, 100g per sachet, 150 sachets per carton.
    Indicative Price : 33.00 USD
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