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  1. Vacuum extractor,Bird(ant post),elec,set
    S0001000 Vacuum extractor,Bird(ant post),elec,set

    Electrical foetal vacuum extraction system by Bird including anterior and posterior cups.
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 3,051.52 USD
  2. Pump,breast,manual,w/access
    S0002021 Pump,breast,manual,w/access

    Breast pump for milk extraction and collection, vacuum operated, sterilisable in autoclave, manual, single-hand use
    Indicative Price 34.07 USD
  3. Light,examination,mobile,LED,w/access
    S0002023 Light,examination,mobile,LED,w/access

    Mobile examination light, with an LED light source and AC powered.
    Indicative Price 726.75 USD
  4. Electrosurgical unit,w/access
    S0002025 Electrosurgical unit,w/access

    Electrosurgical unit, for general surgery, mono- and bi-polar, including a trolley and accessories.
    Indicative Price 5,418.77 USD
  5. Pump,suction,surgical,1 bottle,w/access
    S0002028 Pump,suction,surgical,1 bottle,w/access

    Suction unit, for minor surgery, medical interventions and resuscitation (high vacuum/low flow), 1 bottle, AC powered mounted on a trolley for mobility
    Indicative Price 807.32 USD
  6. Pump,suction,surgical,2 bottles,w/access
    S0002029 Pump,suction,surgical,2 bottles,w/access

    Suction unit, for surgery (high vacuum/high flow), 2 bottles, mounted on a trolley, AC powered.
    Indicative Price 995.35 USD
  7. Nebulizer,electric,w/access
    S0002057 Nebulizer,electric,w/access

    Nebulizer, two models avaialble: compressor driven or mesh model, portable or hand held, AC powered, with accessories. Indicate any preference when ordering.
    Indicative Price 66.02 USD
  8. Light,,LED,mobile,w/access
    S0002070 Light,,LED,mobile,w/access

    Surgical light, LED, mobile, AC and battery powered.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 3,843.77 USD
  9. Light,,LED,ceiling,w/access
    S0002071 Light,,LED,ceiling,w/access

    Surgical light, LED, ceiling mount, AC powered.
    Indicative Price 2,036.20 USD
  10. Cot,baby,hospital,w/bassinet,on castors
    S0002150 Cot,baby,hospital,w/bassinet,on castors

    Mobile baby cot with removable bassinet.
    Indicative Price 145.07 USD
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