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  1. Phenoxymethylpenicil.250mg tabs/PAC-1000
    S1559080 Phenoxymethylpenicil.250mg tabs/PAC-1000

    Phenoxymethylpenicillin 250mg tablets, pack of 1000
    Indicative Price : 16.35 USD
  2. Cloxacillin 250mg caps/PAC-500
    S1537310 Cloxacillin 250mg caps/PAC-500

    Cloxacillin 500mg capsules, pack of 500 capsules
    Indicative Price : 10.05 USD
  3. Co-Amoxiclav 125mg+ 31.25mg BOT/100ml
    S1533002 Co-Amoxiclav 125mg+ 31.25mg BOT/100ml

    Amoxicillin 125mg/5ml + Clavulanic Acid 31.25mg/5ml powder for oral suspension (Co-Amoxiclav), bottle of 100 ml. A suitable dose measuring device is included.
    Indicative Price : 1.37 USD
  4. Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 250mg vial/BOX-50
    S1531006 Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 250mg vial/BOX-50

    Ceftriaxone (as sodium salt) 250mg powder for injection, vial, box of 50
    Indicative Price : 13.29 USD
  5. Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 1g vial/BOX-10
    S1531005 Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 1g vial/BOX-10

    Ceftriaxone powder for injection 1 g vial, box of 10
    Indicative Price : 3.93 USD
  6. Cefixime 200mg tablets/PAC-56
    S1531002 Cefixime 200mg tablets/PAC-56

    Cefixime 200 mg tablets as trihydrate, blister pack of 56
    Indicative Price : 12.27 USD
  7. Benzylpenicillin pdr/inj 5MIUvial/BOX-50
    S1520011 Benzylpenicillin pdr/inj 5MIUvial/BOX-50

    Benzylpenicillin powder for injection 3g vial, box of 50
    Indicative Price : 36.17 USD
  8. Ampicillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-50
    S1505099 Ampicillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-50

    Ampicillin powder for injection 500mg vial, box of 50 vials.
    Indicative Price : 32.91 USD
  9. Ampicillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-100
    S1505076 Ampicillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-100

    Ampicillin powder for injection 500 mg vial, box of 100 vials.
    Indicative Price : 49.95 USD
  10. Amoxicillin 500mg
    S1505075 Amoxicillin 500mg

    Amoxicillin dispersible tablets 500mg, 10 blister cards each containing
    10 tablets.
    Indicative Price : 5.16 USD
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