Hospital Furniture

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  1. Stretcher,foldable
    S0180000 Stretcher,foldable

    Foldable stretcher
    Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price : 94.07 USD
  2. Cot,medical,IV-pole,basic
    S0120021 Cot,medical,IV-pole,basic

    Cot, medical, IV-pole, basic
    Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price : 136.51 USD
  3. Bedscreen,hospital,on castors
    S0101015 Bedscreen,hospital,on castors

    Hospital bed screen on castors
    Component of kits Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price : 120.34 USD
  4. Table,gynaeco,delivery,w/access
    S0002174 Table,gynaeco,delivery,w/access

    Table, gynaecology, delivery, with accessories
    Indicative Price : 236.99 USD
  5. Table,operating theatre,w/access
    S0002173 Table,operating theatre,w/access

    Table, operating theatre, with accessories
    Indicative Price : 1,714.29 USD
  6. Table,baby dressing
    S0002172 Table,baby dressing

    Table, baby dressing
    Indicative Price : 156.25 USD
  7. Table,examination
    S0002171 Table,examination

    Table, examination
    Indicative Price : 96.10 USD
  8. Stretcher,patient,w/side rails
    S0002170 Stretcher,patient,w/side rails

    Stretcher, patient, with side rails
    Indicative Price : 183.99 USD
  9. Footstool,two steps
    S0002169 Footstool,two steps

    Footstool, two steps
    Indicative Price : 40.97 USD
  10. Stand,single bowl,on castors
    S0002168 Stand,single bowl,on castors

    Stand, single bowl, on castors
    Indicative Price : 49.99 USD
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Items 1-10 of 27

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