Stool,adjustable,on castors

Movable, height adjustable stool with gas spring mounted on 5 swivel castors.
Indicative Price 45.11 USD

General Description:
Stool, adjustable, on castors

Technical Specifications:
Movable height adjustable stool, with pre-assembled gas spring.
Heavy carriage mounted on 5 swivel castors.
Height adjusting lever is conveniently placed under seat.
Seat fit with thick upholstery.
A brake prevents exceeding the maximum height setting.
High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment).
Support and telescopic column: Austenitic stainless steel 18/10.
Carriage-base: single molded unit, polypropylene or nylon
Caster frame/bracket: polypropylene or nylon
Castor wheel: twin-wheel, solid-type, non-hooded (for easy maintenance): nylon.
Wheel bearing: polypropylene or nylon
Castor fixation into carriage base: stainless steel.
Upholstery: high-density polyurethane foam, density is 27-33kg/m3.
Cover: plastic, flexible highly tear resistant, anti-static, flame retardant, disinfectant- and liquid proof, washable.

Stool, overall: 56-62 x 56-62 x 40-62 cm (l*w*h).
Seat diameter: 29-35 cm
Upholstery: 3.6-4.4 cm (h)
Carriage-base, diameter: 57-60 cm
Support column, with pre-assembled gas spring: 5 cm (outside, across).
Telescopic upper part: 2.8-3.5cm (outside, across).
Swivel castor twin-wheel: 4.0-5.0 x 4.5-5.5 (w/diameter).
Carrying capacity: 150kg.
Knockdown construction: yes.

Item supplied with:
1 x complete set of tools required for assembly

Number of units per primary packaging:
One (1) unit per box.

Compliance with EAN 128 bar code.

Safety process:
Check the integrity of each unit before use.
Do not use if damaged.

Estimated Weight: 5kg
Estimated Volume: 0.68m3
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