Stand,infusion,double hook,on castors

Movable, height adjustable infusion stand with a double hook.
Indicative Price 36.39 USD
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General Description:
Stand, infusion, double hook, on castors

Intended use:
Mobile stand for infusion therapy; intravenous administration of fluids/solutions or blood transfusions. The intravenous bags are hung from the hooks at the top of the stand.

Technical Specifications:
Movable height adjustable infusion stand.
Heavy carriage mounted on 5 swivel castors.
Lower-end support column is deep and securely fixed into the carriage-base.
Solid manual lever at the upper-end of the support column, allows setting telescopic upper part at the required height.
A brake prevents exceeding the maximum height setting.
Double hook fixed at the top of telescopic rod.
High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment).
Support and telescopic column: Austenitic stainless steel grade 304.
Carriage-base: single molded unit, polypropylene.
Castor frame/bracket: polypropylene or nylon
Wheel bearing: polypropylene or nylon.
Castor fixation into carriage base: stainless steel.

Height, adjustable: 135-225 cm.
Carriage-base, diameter: 55-58 cm.
Support column: 3 cm (outside, across), 1-1.5mm thickness.
Telescopic upper part: 2.5 cm (outside, across), 1-1.5mm (thickness).
Swivel castor twin-wheel: (4-5) x 5 cm (w x diameter).
Carrying capacity: 10 kg.
Knockdown construction: yes.

Items supplied with:
1 x complete set of tools required for assembly
List of accessories and parts
Detailed step-by-step instructions for assembly and safe use, text-free pictorial based (i.e. line-drawings only)
Instructions for use including cleaning and disinfection instructions in English, French and Spanish.
Warranty of minimum 2 years.

Quality Management System:
ISO 13485:2016: Medical devices - Quality management systems

Regulation & conformity requirements:
Regulation (EU) 2017/745, Class I (or equivalent internationally recognised marketing clearance)

GMDN code: 36069 - Intravenous pole

Environmental compliance and safety:
All furniture components contain less than 100 parts per million of the below chemical groups, as applicable:
Urea formaldehyde
Heavy metals including mercury, cadmium, lead, antimony
Hexavalent chromium in plated finishes
Stain and non-stick treatments derived from Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs), including Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)
Added antimicrobial treatments

Number of units per primary packaging:
One (1) unit per box.
Compliance with EAN 128 bar code requirements
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