Resuscitation & Anaesthesiology Equipment

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  1. Resuscitator,hand-oper.,adult,set
    S0845005 Resuscitator,hand-oper.,adult,set

    Resuscitator, hand-operated, adult, set.
    Indicative Price : 30.61 USD
  2. Resuscitator,hand-oper.,child,set
    S0845004 Resuscitator,hand-oper.,child,set

    Resuscitator, hand-operated, child, set
    Indicative Price : 26.16 USD
  3. Resuscitator,hand-oper.,neonate,set
    S0845003 Resuscitator,hand-oper.,neonate,set

    Resuscitator, hand-operated, neonate, set.
    Indicative Price : 44.53 USD
  4. Pump,suction,foot-oper,single piston,set
    S0760641 Pump,suction,foot-oper,single piston,set

    Pump, suction, foot-operated, single piston, complete set
    Indicative Price : 113.50 USD
  5. Pump,suction,foot-operated
    S0760640 Pump,suction,foot-operated

    Pump, suction, foot-operated.
    Indicative Price : 237.72 USD
  6. Laryngoscope,adult,child,set
    S0746707 Laryngoscope,adult,child,set

    Laryngoscope set for adults and children
    Indicative Price : 68.37 USD
  7. Laryngoscope,neonate,set
    S0746706 Laryngoscope,neonate,set

    Laryngoscope set for neonates, including pre-terms
    Indicative Price : 41.03 USD
  8. Warmer system,newborn,radiant,w/access
    S0002065 Warmer system,newborn,radiant,w/access

    Neonatal warming system, radiant, overhead, mobile, with accessories
    Indicative Price : 1,067.42 USD
  9. Incubator,automatic,basic,w/access
    S0002064 Incubator,automatic,basic,w/access

    Neonatal incubator, double-wall, electronic, automatic, mobile, with accessories
    Indicative Price : 6,019.03 USD
  10. Warmer system,newborn,basic,set
    S0002060 Warmer system,newborn,basic,set

    Neonatal warming system, nest-type with water mattress and heating pad , portable, basic set
    Indicative Price : 1,505.10 USD
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