Hospital Supplies

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  1. Table,instr,ss,2 trays,on castors
    S0002157 Table,instr,ss,2 trays,on castors

    Movable instrument table with two flat non-removable trays mounted on four swivel castors.
    Indicative Price : 151.95 USD
  2. Table,instr,Mayo type,ss,on castors
    S0002156 Table,instr,Mayo type,ss,on castors

    Mayo instrument table movable on four swivel castors and height adjustable.
    Indicative Price : 109.99 USD
  3. Stretcher,foldable
    S0002155 Stretcher,foldable

    Foldable stretcher for emergency patient transport.
    Component of kits
    Indicative Price : 66.23 USD
  4. Stool,adjustable,on castors
    S0002154 Stool,adjustable,on castors

    Movable, height adjustable stool with gas spring mounted on 5 swivel castors.
    Indicative Price : 44.44 USD
  5. Stand,infusion,double hook,on castors
    S0002153 Stand,infusion,double hook,on castors

    Movable, height adjustable infusion stand with a double hook.
    Indicative Price : 78.35 USD
  6. Trolley,dressing,ss,2 trays
    S0002152 Trolley,dressing,ss,2 trays

    Dressing trolley with two non-removable shelves mounted on four swivel castors.
    Indicative Price : 175.32 USD
  7. Bed,labour/delivery,w/access
    S0002151 Bed,labour/delivery,w/access

    Bed for delivery/labour with two sections and padded mattresses.
    Indicative Price : 231.99 USD
  8. Cot,baby,hospital,w/bassinet,on castors
    S0002150 Cot,baby,hospital,w/bassinet,on castors

    Mobile baby cot with removable bassinet.
    Indicative Price : 145.07 USD
  9. Light,,LED,ceiling,w/access
    S0002071 Light,,LED,ceiling,w/access

    Ceiling mounted surgical LED light on a spring loaded articulated arm.
    Indicative Price : 1,931.82 USD
  10. Light,,LED,mobile,w/access
    S0002070 Light,,LED,mobile,w/access

    Mobile surgical LED light mounted on a base with swivel castors.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price : 2,940.76 USD
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Items 21-30 of 43

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