Hospital Supplies

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  1. Trolley,emergency,w/drawers
    S0002162 Trolley,emergency,w/drawers

    Emergency response trolley with minimum four centrally lockable drawers and a worksurface.
    Indicative Price 369.87 USD
  2. Trolley,soiled linen
    S0002163 Trolley,soiled linen

    Trolley which holds a canvas bag for collection and transportation of soiled linen across a hospital facility.
    Indicative Price 103.73 USD
  3. Cabinet,bedside,standard
    S0002165 Cabinet,bedside,standard

    Basic patient bedside cabinet, on four castors and including a storage cabinet.
    Indicative Price 95.69 USD
  4. Cabinet,instruments,double door
    S0002166 Cabinet,instruments,double door

    Instrument storage cabinet with double (safety) glass doors and four internal shelves.
    Indicative Price 200.09 USD
  5. Cabinet,medicine,double door
    S0002167 Cabinet,medicine,double door

    Lockable medical storage cabinet with double doors and four internal shelves.
    Indicative Price 229.99 USD
  6. Stand,single bowl,on castors
    S0002168 Stand,single bowl,on castors

    Movable, fixed height stand holding a bowl with a capacity between 3-6 litre.
    Indicative Price 57.19 USD
  7. Footstool,two steps
    S0002169 Footstool,two steps

    Sturdy two-step level footstool.
    Indicative Price 38.15 USD
  8. Stretcher,patient,w/side rails
    S0002170 Stretcher,patient,w/side rails

    Stretcher specifically designed for patient transport, equipped with four castors and side rails.
    Indicative Price 242.64 USD
  9. Table,examination
    S0002171 Table,examination

    Patient examination table with two sections.
    Indicative Price 123.62 USD
  10. Table,baby dressing
    S0002172 Table,baby dressing

    Worktable specifically designed for baby dressing in a clinical setting.
    Indicative Price 232.21 USD
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Items 21-30 of 47

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