Cabinet,instruments,double door

Instrument storage cabinet with double (safety) glass doors and four internal shelves.
Indicative Price 173.99 USD

General Description:
Cabinet, instruments, double door

Technical Specifications:
Instruments storage cabinet, double door
Mounted on 4 sturdy supports, all finished with height adjustable feet
Recessed safety glass in the doors allows for viewing of cabinet content
Safety glass is supported by door frame on both sides, leaving no glass edges exposed
Inside reinforced fixtures facilitate height adjustment of the 4 shelves
Doors are triple hinged, closed with handle and lockable with key
Two-point lock, slides in frame at the top and base
Key is unique for each single cabinet, key-bow folds away from key-blade avoiding breakage when inside lock
Clearance underneath the cabinet allows for easy cleaning

High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment)
Adjustable feet: rubber or nylon
Frame, side panels, base, top and shelves: epoxy coated plate steel
Doors: hardened safety glass, grounded edges, with key-lock.

Cabinet, overall: 80 x 40 x 180-190cm (l x w x h).
Clearance underneath: 10cm.
Safety glass: 3-4 mm (thickness).
Front glass area: 65-70%.
Frame, drawer, door and panels: 1.2 mm (thickness).
Door, opening angle: 180 degree
Carrying capacity, each shelf: 25 kg.

Knockdown construction: yes

Items supplied with:
1 x complete set of tools required for assembly
1 x set of 4 shelves
1 x set of 2 keys, unique per cabinet

List of accessories and parts
Detailed step-by-step instructions for assembly and safe use, text-free pictorial based (i.e. line-drawings only)

Number of units per primary packaging:
One (1) unit per box.

Estimated Weight: 64kg
Estimated Volume: 0.20cbm

Compliance with EAN 128 bar code.
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