Table,baby dressing

Worktable specifically designed for baby dressing in a clinical setting.
Indicative Price 187.50 USD

General Description:
Table, baby dressing

Technical specifications:
Worktable designed specifically for baby dressing in a clinical setting
Mounted on 4 sturdy supports, all finished with height adjustable feet
Single, padded mattress, detachable from the worktable for easy cleaning
Mattress is shaped to fit worktable top, 3 sides have raised edges
Worktable frame provides support for raised edges of the mattress
Cover removable via side zipper
Lower part of the worktable provides storage space: 2 drawers, 1 shelf and 1 cabinet with door
Drawers and cabinet have recessed finger grip-hold, leaving front entirely flat
Clearance underneath the worktable allows for easy cleaning
Transfer bars connect all lower distal portions of the 4 supports, providing maximal structural strength

High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment).
Frame: epoxy coated tubular steel
Panels, drawers and cabinet: epoxy coated plate steel
Adjustable feet: rubber or nylon
Mattress: high-density polyurethane foam, density 18-22 kg/m3
Cover: plastic, flexible highly tear resistant, anti-static, flame retardant, disinfectant- and liquid proof, washable
Drawers: recession track with and guiding wheel smoothly finished for easy in/out sliding.

Overall, without mattress, excluding elevated edges: 90-110 x 54-66 x 86-108cm (l x d x h)
Elevation, 3 sides (without mattress): 13.5-16.5cm (h)
Mattress: 4.5-5.5cm (h)
Worktable surface (incl. mattress): 103-110cm (h)
Frame: 2.7-3.3cm (outside, across), 1.8-2.2mm (thickness)
Drawer, door and panels: 1-1.4mm (thickness)
Clearance underneath: 13.5-16.5cm
Drawers: 38-47x45-56x20.5-27.5cm (l x d x h)
Cabinet: 38-47x52-60x50-56cm (l x d x h).
Door, opening angle: 180 degree
Shelf: 45-55x50-62x 2-4cm (l x d x h)
Carrying capacity: 30-33kg

Knockdown construction: Yes

Items supplied with:
1 x complete set of tools required for assembly
1 x fitting removable mattresses
List of accessories and parts
Detailed step-by-step instructions for assembly and safe use, text-free pictorial based (i.e. line-drawings only)

Packaging and labeling:
One (1) unit per box

Compliance with EAN 128 bar code requirements

Weight and volume:
80 Kg, 0.57 m3

Dimensions of box
110-160x 36-105x45-75
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