Lvl sensor, LoRaWAN transmission device

Upgrade of the permanent monitoring systems S0005464 and S0005466 with a transmission device that uses LoRaWAN protocol instead of cellular.
Indicative Price 1,299.13 USD
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General description:
LoRaWAN transmission device for the vented permanent systems S0005464 and S0005466, replacing the cellular transmission device.

Technical specification:
By including this material number together with one of the above-mentioned material numbers for vented permanent water level monitoring systems in a SO, the CO will receive a system with a LoRaWAN transmission device instead of cellular (GSM) transmission.
The rest of the system will be identical (type of pressure sensor, cable). This option is not available for non-vented permanent systems.

Packing instructions:
The LoRaWAN transmission device will replace the standard one in the original packaging.

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