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Water level indicator for boreholes with 150 metres cable and acoustic and visual signal.
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General description:
Water level indicator for boreholes, with 150 metres cable; acoustic and visual signal.

Technical specification:
Water level depth indicator, battery powered (3 x 1.5 V, included and easily replaceable), for use in boreholes to a maximum depth of 150 metres.
The water level indicator consists of a flat, two cores, heavy duty cable calibrated in metres and centimetres on one side.
A stainless-steel probe is securely fastened to the free end of the cable and the cable with probe is attached to a cable winding reel. Measurements are taken by slowly lowering the cable with probe down the borehole until the probe comes in contact with the water. On contact with the water, the unit emits a high frequency audible signal, and the user can then take a depth reading from the calibrated cable. The unit is also equipped with an optical (light) signal that switches on upon contact of the probe with water.

Packing instructions:
The package is sturdy, with extra protection around the probe (e.g. double wrapping + extra cardboard), and the probe safely fitted within the cable winding reel frame during transport – or equivalent type of packaging guaranteeing the integrity of the product.

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