Latrine Add-On, child & disabled people

Add-On kit for use with standard squatting plate of dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm. This kit is designed to enhance accessibility and use of a squatting plate by children and adults with disabilities.
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General Description:
Add-On kit for use with standard squatting plate of dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm. This kit is designed to enhance accessibility and use of a squatting plate by children and adults with disabilities.

Technical specifications:
Add-On kit for use with standard squatting plate of dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm (UNICEF Catalogue Material code S5007335). This kit is designed for children and adults with disabilities, particularly those with mobility difficulties, to facilitate use when installed on one squatting plate.

Each kit is easy to assemble to provide a stable and durable installation for one latrine in emergencies. Used with family or communal latrine slabs, or in health centres, feeding centres, temporary learning centres and schools, child friendly spaces, etc., it is composed of an elevated toilet seat with a support frame capable of supporting the weight of a person during the independent or assisted transfer of people with disabilities to and from the seat (for example transferring from a wheelchair). The superstructure of selected latrines should be wide enough to allow a person with a wheelchair to enter and maneuver.

The kit is complete, ready to install by non-technicians, and does not require any materials to be sourced in country for the initial installation. (However, potential repairs can be made with locally available materials).

This Add-On kit is foreseen for deployment with a ratio of 1:10 slab among a multiple squatting plates installation1. The latrine slabs and Add-on kits are supplied separately.

Add-on structure and seat technical details:

The kit is composed of a sturdy handrail and support structure, together with an elevated seat.

The structures and their coatings are of lightweight, rigid, durable and sturdy design, climatically stable and is resistant to heat, water and especially to manual cleaning with/without cleaning agents.

The structure is designed to be sufficiently strong, sturdy and at the appropriate height to allow comfortable support for an adult person with a disability, rails are at an appropriate height and distance to support children and smaller adolescents with or without disabilities to access the seat with ease. The rails can also be used by people who are blind and visually impaired to guide them to the seat. The elevated seat is designed to ensure that there is suitable comfort and support when seating. The seat comes with a feature (cover, self-closing silicone tube, or equivalent) to avoid smell and flies to circulate to and from the pit.

The joining of the seat to the squatting slab is also designed to reduce smells and insects from the pit escaping into the cubicle. Consideration for hygiene and cleaning has also been given to the joints between the steel support and the latrine slab, i.e. for ease of slab cleaning and to avoid dirt accumulation in these joints. Any product employed as sealing of joints has a smooth and non-sticky finishing.

The structure has a maximum weight of 15kg, which reduces the maximum load-bearing capacity of the plastic slabs at their centre (requested to be minimum 150kg by design at the centre).

The add-on kit is supplied with clear assembling and installation manual/instructions, and all tools are included.

The latrine add-on kit currently comes in 2 distinct models with their specificities and compatibility constraints. The current price range of the models is USD 90 – 265. The recommended add-on model will depend on the existing or procured plastic slabs brand/model, therefore information on those plastic slabs must be communicated by CO to SD prior to/when ordering, in order to ensure maximum compatibility.

The ratio of 1:10 is an overall guide for procurement. The proportion in each site will depend on the context, for example where there are multiple latrines in the same location, 10% should be accessible. While in a health post with only one latrine, this should be accessible.

The kit shall be flat packed/stacked the most compact possible to allow for easy and cost-effective transport and storage.

Items required, but not supplied:
S5007335 Squatting plate,plastic,w/o pan,120x80cm

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