Pump,suction,foot-oper,single piston,set

Manual foot-operated suction pump with one piston, including aspiration tube, and collection jar.
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General description:
Pump, suction, foot-operated, single piston, complete set

Technical specifications:
High performance, high quality, single piston portable foot-operated suction pump
For pharyngeal and tracheal aspiration, and other minor medical procedures
Piston, with diaphragm valve, is sealed with removable elastic O-ring
Pedal movement generates suction every time it’s depressed
Integrated spring, returns the pedal to its initial ready-to-use position
Lever minimises pedal force required to reach maximum flow
For operator’s comfort, pedal should support at least 20 cm of the foot, and distal-end displace maximum 9-11 cm
Large stable base is entirely fit with anti-slip, preventing the pump from gliding-away while in use
Vacuum, maximum: - 70 kPa (ca. - 700 mbar)
Basic essential design without manometer
Air-flow, maximum: 30 to 40 L/min (such as at two pumping strokes per second)
Collection capacity container: 900-1100 ml
Container is transparent, allowing assessing collected volume
Wide opening at the top of the container allows for easy and thorough cleaning
Operating temperature range: -20 C to +50 C
The suction pump set can be entirely disassembled, facilitating proper cleaning and disinfection
All parts can be autoclaved at 121 C

All parts are manufactured from high-strength, durable material, not requiring specific maintenance or storage conditions
Container: transparent polycarbonate or equivalent sturdy transparent plastic
Bottom: rubber or equivalent anti-slip material
Gasket, O-rings and valve diaphragm: silicone rubber or equivalent
Piston O-ring: Teflon or equivalent
Foot pedal: aluminium or equivalent sturdy plastic, fit with embossed anti-slip relief
Conical suction tip: Acetal or equivalent tough plastic
Aspirating tube: silicone rubber

Supplied with:
1 x Aspirating tube, 10 mm (internal diameter), at least 140 cm (length)
1 x Spare aspirating tube, 10 mm (internal diameter), at least 140 cm (length)
1 x Conical nozzle-connector, adjustable distal tip diameter 7 and 10 mm, fits narrow and wide suction catheters
1 x Spare conical nozzle-connector, adjustable distal tip diameter 7 and 10 mm, fits narrow and wide suction catheters
1 x Instructions / diagrams for use and assembly in English, French and Spanish
1 x List of accessories and parts.

Packaging and Labelling: Primary packaging: Unit of use
One (1) suction pump in a plastic bag + box
with manufacturer's instruction for use, spare parts and accessories.

Labelling on the primary packaging:
Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer's product reference.
Type of product and main characteristics.
If the packaging is not transparent, it must bear a diagram (preferably actual size) showing the essential parts of the product and indicating the position of the product
in the packaging.
Lot number prefixed by the word "LOT"
(or equivalent harmonised symbol) (if applicable).
Information for particular storage conditions
(temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Information for handling, if applicable
(or equivalent harmonised symbol).
Over packaging: Packaging unit
Quantity of items per packaging unit should be based on the following scale of sizes: 1 - 2 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 where applicable, taking into consideration the following information:
Max weight per carton: 25 kg.
Size of carton: Modularized based on EUR size pallet (1200 mm): (L) x 800 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H incl. pallet).
Strength of carton: For storage and handling the following minimum values should be met. Corrugated carton in BC profile (7 mm), with edgewise crush resistance value 15 or more in temperate climate and at least half that in tropical climate (90% humidity and 40°C), measured according to SIS 84 30 03 (Swedish Standard) or similar.

Instructions for use:
Basic hospital equipment for health structures and emergency situations in wards, emergency room, operating theatre, delivery room, intensive care unit, ambulance, etc.
High performance suction pump, hand or foot-operated for pharyngeal and tracheal suction.
Supplied with instruction manual and diagrams covering the function of the pump, how to use it, dismantle and assemble it, to clean, disinfect and sterilize it, its maintenance and spare-parts. The suction pump should be operated only by a person who has received adequate training in pharyngeal and tracheal suction technique.

Use suction tubes (sterile and disposable) for pharyngeal and tracheal suction.
These suction tubes fit with the aspirating tube of the suction pump with combination suction tip (narrow nozzle).

Most commonly used sizes are:
S0374010 - Tube, suction, CH08, L50cm, sterile, disposable.
S0374015 - Tube, suction, CH10, L50cm, sterile, disposable.
S0374025 - Tube, suction, CH14, L50cm, sterile, disposable.

The aspirating tube of the suction pump, hand or foot-operated, must be supplied with a combination suction tip.
This combination suction tip is made of two nozzles.
The narrow nozzle can be used directly or can be connected to a suction cannula (see suction tubes, sterile, disposable).
If large amounts of liquids or solid particles have to be aspirated, e.g. vomit, the narrow nozzle can easily be removed and the large nozzle (with an aperture of 10mm) can be used directly.

Safety procedure:
The suction pump and the aspirating tube must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
All parts can be sterilized in a steam sterilizer.

After dismantling and cleaning, the pump must be reassembled and tested to make sure that it works correctly.

In view of its use, the item is considered an "emergency resuscitation item". This means that it must always be readily available and in a good working condition.
It is recommended to closely follow manufacturer's instruction manual.

Component of a kit:
S9908400 - Resuscitation kit, basic.
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