Vacuum extractor,Bird(ant&post),manu,set

Manual foetal vacuum extraction system by Bird including anterior and posterior cups.
Indicative Price 492.13 USD

General Description:
Vacuum extractor, Bird (with Anterior and posterior cups), manual, complete set

Technical Specifications:
Vacuum extractor system to assist vaginal deliveries in a delivery room setting
Hand-operated suction pump creates required vacuum
Vacuum range, adjustable: from 0 to -100kPa/-800mmHg
Gauge dial, minimal graduation: 5kPa/40mmHg
Accuracy vacuum gauge: ± 2.5kPa
All parts of the vacuum extractor can be disassembled, relevant parts can be autoclaved at 121C
Requires no other than routine maintenance, manageable at the level of the delivery rooms
System is supplied as a complete set consisting of:
2X Bird type anterior suction/extraction cup (1x 50mm and 1x 60mm diameter) rounded edges
1X Bird type posterior suction/extraction cup (1x50 mm diameter) rounded edges
2x Extraction handles for Bird type anterior suction/extraction cup
Suction/extraction cups and handle: stainless steel, Chrome nickel plated
2x Soft suction/extraction cup (1x50 and 1x60mm opening diameter)
1x Vacuum/collection bottle, plastic 500ml
1x Cover plug for vacuum/collection bottle, with 3 holes (2 connectors + 1 vacuum gauge)
1x Connector angled, chrome plated
1x Connector angled with screw valve (vacuum release), chrome plated, with cap and gasket
1x Vacuum gauge with straight connector, chrome plated
1x Basket, epoxy coated, supporting vacuum/collection bottle and the suction pump, with large hook allowing to fit it to the delivery table
2x Tube, silicone, transparent, inner/outer diameter approx. 6/11mm, length 50 and 150cm

Items supplied with:
1x Spare vacuum/collection bottle, 500ml
1x Spare tube, silicone, transparent, inner/outer diameter approx. 6/11mm, length 300cm
1x Spare gasket for the screw valve (vacuum release)
20X Polypropylene bottom plate, for stainless steel suction/extraction cup, 10 for each size, 50 and 60mm
1x List of accessories and parts, each identified with their product reference
1x Instructions for use and maintenance, and contact details for repair service, in English, French and Spanish

Instructions for use:
Hospital equipment for delivery room.
The vacuum extractor must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
In view of the fact that the vacuum extractor is used in situations of acute need, it must always be readily available and in good working condition. The vacuum extractor MUST be operated by adequately trained staff only. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions at all times.

Shelf life:
60 months

Storage and transportation:
­ 20 °C to +50 °C, 20% to 95 % humidity

Packaging and labeling:
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1 (one) Vacuum extractor, Bird (with anterior and posterior cups), manual, complete set + instructions for use.

Secondary Packaging:
10 units per box

Component of a Kit:
S9908301 - Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl. 2 - equipment

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