School-in-a-box,40 students, 2016

School-in-a-box for 40 students, 2016
Indicative Price : 148.68 USD

General Description:
School-in-a-box for 40 students, 2016

Technical Specifications:
School-in-a-box kit 2016, for 40 students and 1 teacher with 42 components packed in 1 lockable metal box. The previous School in a Box (S9935098) was reviewed and the contents revised.

It is expected that the materials in this kit are sufficient for 3 months.

Item Material Description Qty
1 S2270500 Scissors,all purpose,sharp,180mm 1
2 S2512000 Cubes,wood or plast.,coloured,set of 100 1
3 S2555010 Scissors,safety,school,B/B,135mm/BOX-10 4
4 S2584000 Crayon,wax,packs of 8 colours/BOX-10x8 4
5 S2687003 Tape,adhesive,transp 1,5cm x 10m/BOX-20 2
6 S4325497 Marker,flipchart,colours,tip-5mm/PAC-4 2
7 S4416397 Chalk,assorted colours/BOX-100 3
8 S4416504 Brush,paint,for chalkboard,50-60mm 1
9 S4416506 Duster/wiper for Blackboard 2
10 S4416510 Slate,fibreboard,double-sided,A4/BOX-20 2
11 S4418400 Compass,plastic, for Blackboard, 45cm 1
12 S4419000 Globe,inflatable,diam.42cm,w/o stand 1
13 S4460701 Pencil,HB grade,black lead/Box-10 8
14 S4461002 White pencil for slates,BOX-20 2
15 S4465700 Paint,chalkboard,black 2
16 S4467000 Ruler,plastic,Blackboard,100cm 1
17 S4491900 Set Square,Blackboard,30-60-90 degrees 1
18 S4491904 Set Square, Blackboard,45-45-90 degrees 1
19 S4520110 Eraser,soft,for pencil/BOX-20 4
20 S4552010 Pencil sharpener,metal/PAC-20 2
21 S5001010 Box,metal,lockable,for storage 1
22 S4570005 Ruler,plastic,c.30cm,set of 10 4
23 S4417230 Clock,teaching,wood or plastic 1
24 S5001006 Bag, plastic, interlock seal/PAC-20 2
25 S0544210 Register,A4,squared,80 pgs/PAC-10 1
26 S4410021 Book,exercise,A4,ruled-8mm,96 pgs/PAC-10 1
27 S4410010 Book,exercise,A5,ruled-8mm,48 pgs/PAC-20 2
28 S4410020 Book,exercise,A5,5mm-sqre,48 pgs/PAC-20 2
29 S4460005 Pen,ball-point,blue/BOX-10 8
30 S4460007 Pen,ball-point,black/BOX-10 8
31 S4416403 Chalk,white/yellow,BOX-100 3
32 S4460006 Pen,ball-point,red/BOX-10 1
33 S4420000 Posters,plasticized paper,set of 3 1
34 S4462100 Protractor, plastic for blackboard 44cm 1
35 S4516510 Student's Geometry sets, Box-20 2
36 S8794601 Arm Bands, Education, Cyan blue, cloth 2
37 S4410003 Bristol paper,colored, A4, 180 gsm, pack 1
38 S2687004 Duct tape, 50mm, silver 1
39 S1993550 Users guide School in a Box Kit, English 1
40 S1993551 Users guide School in a Box Kit, French 1
41 S1993320 Children w/ Disability Guide SiB 1
42 S1993323 Education Kit Feedback form, A4 1

All components are supplied ready-packed in the metal storage box marked.

The box comes with 2 padlocks which can be used to lock the contents of the kit when not in use.

Transport and Storage:
Cold chain: No
Dangerous good: No
Batch managed: No

Weight and Volume
Estimated weight of the kit is: 44kg
Estimated volume of the kits is: 0.120cbm
Estimated dimensions of the kits are: 0.80L x 0.55W x 0.25m H

The ink in the pens may dry out if lids are not correctly replaced and/or fitted. The box is supplied with 2 padlocks that can be used to lock the box when contents is not in use

Instruction for use:
The kit is designed to be used by 40 children and 1 teacher.

Alternative, if the item is not available:
The School-in-a-carton (V2), 40 students (S9935011) could be used where there are security concerns with metal boxes or where the additional cost of the box is an issue. The School-in-a-Carton contains the same items as the equivalent School-in-a-Box as the only difference is the replacement of the metal box with a carton. The School-in-a-bag kit (S9935019) provides basic materials for 40 students and 1 teacher.

Complementary Requirements, to be ordered separately:
S9935099 Extra materials for 40 Students; a requirement if the class is larger than 40 students;

S9935095 Replenishment kit for S9935097 School-in-a-Box kit –
replenishes items that may become exhausted.

Emergency scenarios
All emergencies situations where children can safely get to and from the learning area and where activities connected to the kit can be safely carried out.

Context in which item is mainly used:
The kit can be used in both Emergency situations as well as in regular programme.

Target population:
The kit is intended for children aged 6 years and over.

User Manual
The User Manuals are available on the internet:
Click here

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