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  1. Calcium Hypochlor. 68%,AIR/BOX-9x450g **
    S0000569 Calcium Hypochlor. 68%,AIR/BOX-9x450g **

    Calcium hypochlorite 67% in granules or powder (stable bleaching powder) of “HTH” equivalent quality, supplied in IATA packs of 9x450g bottle for AIR shipment. PASSENGER
    FLIGHT shipping possible.

    Air only Hazardous materials Shelf life Storage consideration
    Indicative Price 26.70 USD
  2. Water purif.(NaDCC) 33mg tabs/PAC-50
    S1588355 Water purif.(NaDCC) 33mg tabs/PAC-50

    Water purification (NaDCC) 33mg tablets, pack of 50.
    Pack containing 5 foil strips of 10 tablets each.
    Component of kits Shelf life Temperature considerations Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 0.34 USD
  3. Water pr.unit,skid,5cbm/hr@20mTMH.DIESEL
    S5006022 Water pr.unit,skid,5cbm/hr@20mTMH.DIESEL

    Water purification unit, skid mounted with a capacity of 5 cubic meters per hour at 20 m (TMH) Total Manometric Head. Diesel operated generator.
    Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 18,752.35 USD
  4. NaDCC,Chlorine Granules 56%, 1/2kg
    S5006055 NaDCC,Chlorine Granules 56%, 1/2kg

    NaDCC,Chlorine Granules 56%, 1/2kg
    Component of kits Hazardous materials Shelf life Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 4.33 USD
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