Lvl sensor w/datalogger, permanent,<50m

Non-vented (absolute) level sensor and logger system for permanent installation in boreholes with water level fluctuation of maximum 50m, with remote monitoring capacity.
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General description:
Permanent borehole logger with barometric compensation for installation in boreholes with water drawdown of max. 50m, with measurement of water level and temperature.

Technical specification:
The borehole pressure (water level) and temperature datalogger is meant for long-term/permanent equipment of boreholes. The sensor is made of stainless steel or equivalent corrosion resistant material.
The pressure measurement uses barometric compensation, with separate barometer included. Pressure range is 0 to 5 bars (0 to 50m) with a resolution of 2cm and accuracy of 0.05% FS.
Temperature range is 0 to 50°C, with a resolution of 0.01°C, accuracy +/- 0.1°C
The sensor has a 22mm diameter and comes with a 50m long stainless-steel cable (additional cable length available for procurement separately for deeper boreholes/aquifers up to a depth of maximum 200m, see below under “related products”).

The datalogger is equipped to transfer data both via wire (from a laptop) or wireless through a remote transmission unit with integrated cellular modem mobile communication system and sim card slot for cellular network communication (sim card to be procured locally).
The datalogger/transmission unit comes with an internal lithium battery and a lifetime of 8 to 10 years. It also has internal storage capacity with 72’000 measurements and the same amount of backup data space, for manual (wired) download if necessary.

The transmitter is housed in a robust weatherproof, impact and UV resistant enclosure rated IP68 and a 48mm diameter so that it can be fitted inside a borehole as well, to prevent vandalism. In case of borehole diameter(s) above 5cm (2”), the specific diameter(s) should be mentioned in the SO.

The components’ material is approved for use with drinking water. The system comes with a fixing device to attach to the top of the borehole.

Installation and maintenance manual are included at a minimum in English, and in French and Spanish where available.

Packing instructions:
The package will be sturdy, with extra protection around the sensor (e.g. double wrapping + extra cardboard).

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