EWTU spare parts consumables

Emergency Water Treatment Unit (EWTU) spare parts and consumables set provides initial products to run the EWTU for an estimated 3 months. The exact composition varies a lot depending on the EWTU and it is only recommended to add it with the initial purchase of the EWTU.

Indicative Price 1,162.92 USD
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General Description:
EWTU is a mobile and quick to install unit to treat drinking water. It is composed of several modules to form a complete treatment system based on raw surface water source.

EWTU spare parts and consumables provides sufficient spares and/or consumables to operate the EWTU for approximatively 3 months (with an assumption of 6 hours/day operation).

IT IS RECOMMENDED TO ONLY ORDER THIS SET ALONGSIDE THE INITIAL EWTU ORDER. Consumables should then be procured locally or within the region.

The exact composition of the set varies a lot between EWTU and manufacturers. Hence dangerous goods classification and shelf life also vary a lot. Most conservative information is indicated below:
Minimum shelf life: 12 months
Hazardous goods: Packing group II

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