EWTU pretreat to disinf modules

Emergency Water Treatment Unit (EWTU) pre-treatment, core and disinfection modules together. The entire system can remove turbidity from raw water of up to 200NTU at a rate of 5m3/h, including pre-treatment, main treatment and disinfectant dosing stages.
Indicative Price 36,796.54 USD
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General Description:
EWTU is a mobile and quick to install unit to treat drinking water. It is composed of several modules to form a complete treatment system based on raw surface water source.

EWTU pre-treatment to disinfection modules includes:
S0005861 EWTU pre-treatment module
S0005862 EWTU core module
S0005863 EWTU disinfection module

The entire set can reduce water turbidity down to 1NTU or less, from raw water sources of up to 200NTU, and includes disinfectant dosing stage.
It uses a continuous process, which can treat raw water at a rate of at least 5m3/h.
Outlet comes with 50mm Guillemin couplings by default to be easily connected with UNICEF flexible water storage and water distribution kits.

Start up consumables must be ordered separately. However, unit does not require proprietary consumables and it is recommended to procure consumables in country or within neighbouring countries, as much as possible.

EWTU is powered by a diesel engine (either a diesel engine driven pump or diesel generator).
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