Reusable Menstrual Set

Reusable, sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene
Indicative Price 4.18 USD
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General Description:
Menstrual set, with washable, reusable sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene

Technical Specifications:
A set of reusable, washable sanitary pads for menstrual protection to be used and reused for a duration of minimum one year.

Each set is comprised of:
2 Holders made of cotton
3 Winged Pads
2 Straight pads
1 pouch for storage

Pad material:
Pads are made of cotton, preferably flannel, for high absorbance on one side, and synthetic material on the flip side for protection against leakage.
The holders have ribbon bands with edges well stitched by over-locking or other adequate fixation to secure the pads in position.
Colors: grey or light brown.
Workmanship and quality to withstand multiple washes for at least one year.

Use and Care Instructions in English and other UN languages

Packaging and labelling:
Available on pallets of 600 units

Unit weight: 0.3kg
One pallet of 600 units:
Pallet weight: 180kg
Pallet volume: 1.104m3

Component of kits(s):
S5006122 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,noPurifTab
S5006123 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,noPurifTab
S9901152 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,1HH,w PurifTab
S9901153 - WASH&DignityKit,firstResp,5HH,wPurifTab
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