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Female sanitary pads with wings; single use menstrual pads
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General description:
Female disposable (single use) sanitary pads with wings to manage menstruation and to maintain a menstrual health. Supplied as unscented menstrual pads.

Technical specification:
Female disposable pads with wings.
Multi-layered products: a top layer in direct contact with the body, a transfer layer followed by an absorbent material which absorbs menstrual blood and other fluids, a leak proof layer at the bottom and an adhesive coating at the back of leak proof layer for fixing the panties.
Unscented only and free from unpleasant odor. White in color for most parts.
Size Large: must be suitable for moderate flow.

Primary packaging:
10 large-size units per pack

Shelf life:
Minimum 3 years

Alternative products:
Reusable pads, size Large (*new), Reusable menstrual cup, size Large (S0000316)

Useful links:
https://www.unicef.org/supply/documents/technical-specifications-disposa ble-sanitary-pads

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