AWD, Community kit, Community Care

Community Care module, part of the interagency Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) Community response kit
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General description:
AWD, Community kit, Community Care

Intended use:
The Community Kits are designed for initial response at community level. Its small volume allows for rapid deployment to improve access to ORS closest to the affected population.

Target population and period of use:
Designed for the rehydration of the of 100 mild or moderate cases. Composed of modules for drugs and community-based care.
The AWD kits are designed to help prepare for a potential cholera and acute watery diarrhoea outbreak and to support the first month of the initial response to an outbreak. After this period supplies should be ordered based on needs.

Kit contents:
QTYMaterial Description
7 S0334700 Jug,measuring,1L
1S5619903 Filter, drinking, approx. 10L   container
7S5005860 Bucket,HDPE,with lid and tap,14L
2S5007311 Water-cont,LDPE,10l,collapsibl.,w/o log
120S0552000 Soap,toilet,bar ,approx.100-110g,wrapped
1 S5008345 Water purif.(NaDCC) 67mg    tabs/BOX-400
1 S0782413 Syringe,disp,10ml,ster/BOX-100
2S0330025 Gloves ,exam,latex,pwdfree,M,BOX-100
5 S0845205 Gloves,heavy-duty,rubber/nitrile,M,pair
20S0514000 Brush,hand,scrubbing,plastic
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