AWD, Periphery kit, Renewable

Acute Watery Diarrhoea kit, Renewable
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General Description:
AWD, Periphery kit, Renewable

Intended use:
The Periphery Kits are designed for initial response at periphery level within an existing health structure with in-patients faculty such as Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU) or a Health Center (HC).

Target Population and period of use:
Designed for the treatment of 100 patients: 40 severe and 60 mild or moderate cases. Composed of modules for drugs, renewable supplies, equipment and logistics.
The AWD kits are designed to help prepare for a potential cholera and acute watery diarrhoea outbreak and to support the first month of the initial response to an outbreak. After this period supplies should be ordered based on needs.

Kit contents:
QTYMaterial Description
2 S0323301Catheter,Foley,CH12,ster,disp
5 S0323302Catheter ,Foley,CH14,ster,disp
5 S0323303Catheter,Foley,CH18,ster,disp
10 S0327500Gloves,surg ,pwdfree,6.5,ster,s.u.,pair
50 S0327520Gloves,surg,pwdfree,7.5,ster,s.u.,pair
10 S0327540 Gloves,surg,pwdfree,8.5,ster,s.u.,pair
30 S0330500Bag,urine,collecting ,2000ml
25 S0366010 Syringe,feeding,50ml,catheter tip,ster
25 S0366020Syringe,feeding,50ml ,luer tip,ster
5 S0370500 Tube,asp/feed,CH16,L125cm,ster,disp
5 S0372020Tube,asp/feed,CH12 ,L125cm,ster,disp
5 S0373000Tube,feeding,CH08,L40cm,ster,disp
2 S0373500Tube ,feeding,CH05,L40cm,ster,disp
20 S0503015Medical tape,2.5cmx5m,roll
30 S0512025Bandage,gauze ,8cmx4m,roll
5 S0519000 Cotton wool,500g,roll,non-ster
3 S0523015Compress,gauze,10x10cm ,n/ster/PAC-100
180S0531991 Infusion giving set,sterile,s.u.
240S0552000Soap,toilet,bar ,approx.100-110g,wrapped
1 S0565850Razor,single edge,plastic,s.u./PAC-10
5 S0572510 Blanket,survival,220x140cm
15 S0709200Cannula,IV short,16G,ster,disp
50 S0709210 Cannula,IV short,18G,ster,disp
50 S0709225Cannula,IV short,22G,ster,disp
15 S0709230 Cannula,IV short,24G,ster,disp
15 S0744300Needle,scalp vein,25G,ster,disp
15 S0744400 Needle,scalp vein,21G,ster,disp
1 S0782208Safety box f.used syrgs/ndls 5lt/BOX-25
1 S0782413 Syringe,disp,10ml,ster/BOX-100
10 S0950002Cary-Blair,agar,single,swab
1 S0969030 Container, sample, 50 ml, box/10
4 S0709240Three-way valve, Luer, w/caps/BOX-50
4 S0969021 Gloves,exam,nitrile,pwdfree,S,BOX-100
7 S0969025Gloves,exam,nitrile ,pwdfree,M,BOX-100
4 S0969026Gloves,exam,nitrile,pwdfree,L,BOX-100
5 S0990030Body bag,infection control,adult
5 S0990040Body bag,infection control,child

Guidelines and tools:
Information note: AWD kits

UNICEF Cholera toolkit
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