Spares kit, Longfian 10LPM oxygen concen

Spare parts kit for the maintenance and service of the Jay-10 10LPM oxygen concentrator manufactured by Longfian Scitech Co., Ltd.
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Spare parts kit for the maintenance and service of the Jay-10 10LPM oxygen concentrator manufactured by Longfian Scitech Co., Ltd., for use by trained technical staff. One kit recommended to be purchased with every 10 concentrators.  The quantities below are based on an estimated maintenance support period of 5 years.

When ordering specify the manufacturer and whether the kit is to be used for a 120 Volt or 220 Volt model. 

2 x mains power cords with locally compatible plugs, 2m. Plug type to be specified at the time of ordering.
2 x mains power inlet connectors (power socket) (PN 10203262)
10 x sets of replacement fuses (PN 10203141)
2 x mains power switch (ON/OFF button) (PN 010203257)
2 x flow meter for machine mounting (PN 010203214)
6 x 6mm barbed oxygen outlet connectors (Christmas tree connector) (PN 010203429)
2 x outlet connectors (PN 010203209)
4 feet internal connecting pressure hose (PN 010201127)
2 x power supply, including all transformers and circuit boards as follows:
-- 2 x transformer (PN 010203077)
-- 2 x circuit boards (PCB) (PN 0210006)
2 x pairs molecular sieve beds (PN 0201013)
4 x full sets of filters (i.e., 4 x S0004177), which consists of:
-- 24 x Spare coarse filters (gross filter) (PN 010201020)
-- 12 x Spare pre-filters (PN 010201027)
-- 12 x Spare inlet-filters (PN 010201029)
-- 12 x Spare bacterial-filters (PN 010203291)
2 x compressor service kits (PN 010205001)
1 x compressor for Jay-10 (PN 010101014)
2 x solenoid valves (magnetic valves) (PN 0204004)
2 x check/safety valves (pressure regulator) (PN 010204068)
1 x complete set castors (i.e., 4 individual castors), including:
-- 2 x 010203251 (with brake)
-- 2 x 010203252 (without brake)
2 x motor capacitor (PN 010204129)
2 x fan units (PN 010203075)
4 x humidifier bottles rated up to at least 10 LPM (PN 010203029)
1 x service manual, with list of equipment and procedures required for local cleaning, disinfection, troubleshooting, calibration, and routine maintenance.
1 x PACKING LIST - list of all spares and accessories, with photos and part numbers, which are included in the spare part kit.
1 x complete list of all spare and accessories, with photos and part numbers, for all available spare parts

Operators and technicians are to follow the instructions in the user and maintenance manuals supplied with the concentrators when conducting repairs. If these are no longer available contact the Medical Devices Unit in Supply Division, Copenhagen for copies.

Tools to carry out the maintenance

Storage temperature: 0°C - 40°C

24 months

Weight: 36.5 kg
Volume: 0.121104 m³ 

24 months
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