Length/height board,baby/chld/adlt,SET-2

Portable baby/infant/adult length-height measuring system, 2 systems packed per box.

Indicative Price 245.12 USD
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General Description:
Portable baby/child/adult length/height measuring board made of wood, 2 boards packed in a carton box.

Intended use:
To measure a) length of infants up to 24 months, and b) the height of children and adults up and adults up to 210 cm. Suitable for use both in health clinics and in the rough conditions of field work.

Technical Specifications:
Portable baby/child/adult length-height measuring board.
To measure length (horizontal position): Immovable headpiece at a right angle to the tape and moveable footpiece perpendicular to the tape.
To meassure height (vertical position): Immoveable footpiece at a right angle to the tape and a movable headpiece perpendicular to the tape.
Designed for heavy duty use in demanding circumstances.
Firm, flat surface, fold-up mechanism and low weight make it compact and easy to transport.
Panels are secured with spring loaded bolts.
Carrying when collapsed is facilitated by an integrated handle and removable shoulder/back strap/s. Fixations of the shoulder/back strap/s on the board do not hamper horizontal set-up from lying flat. Simple and fast set up, no tools (screwdriver, etc.) required.
Unit of measure: centimetres.
Measurement range with one extension only: 0 to 142 cm.
Full measurement range with two extensions: 0 to 210 cm.
Accuracy: ± 0.2 cm
Precision: ± 02 cm.
Smallest graduation: 0.1 cm with a longer line indicating the 5 mm midpoint.
Long-lasting hard-wearing measurement tape is fully integrated with the device and is easy to read in low light conditions.
No need for calibration, as all parts has prefixed position.
Orientation of numerals on the measurement tape: parallel to the board, facilitating quick and easy reading of results.
Smoothly gliding measuring slide/wedge, lockable.
Measuring slide/wedge wobbles max. about 0.1 cm over full length, allowing repeated accurate reading.
Exact points where to read are clearly marked with pictogram or arrow on the measuring slide/wedge.
Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors.
Parts are not loose or shaking during transportation.
No sharp edges or corners.
No drawings/images on the board i.e. of animals etc.

Durable, resistant to effects of excessive humidity and high temperature, water splash proof and shock resistant.
Lightweight. A single adult should be able to carry the measuring board over a long distance (walking for up to an hour).
Boards: wood.
Measurement tape is made of metal.
Smooth and easy to clean using a damp cloth and non-toxic disinfectant.

Width of the board: 25 cm
Dimensions when collapsed: 34 x 31.7 x 84 cm
Weight: 6.2 kg

Environmental conditions:
Operating temperature: minimum range: -10 to 55 degrees C.
Storage/transport temperature: minimum range: -20 to 65 degrees C.
Humidity: up to 80% RH.

Supplied with:
Removable and adjustable shoulder straps.
Instructions for assembly, use, and cleaning in English, French and Spanish; appropriately illustrated with pictograms.
Pictograms are integrated on on the back of the boards.
Warranty: 2 years.

Optional accessory at extra cost:
Carry-bag with wheels, made of watertight and dust proof long lasting material.

Primary packaging:
Two (2) boards per box
Weight: 10.9 kg, volume: 97 dm3

Quality Management System:
ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices - Quality management

Regulation & classification:
Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ECC, Class I (with measuring function)

GMDN code: 37001 - Patient-height measure

Wood expands and contracts over time depending on climate, which may produce inconsistent variations in measurement. Regular calibration exercises should be performed on the device (e.g.
measuring sticks of different known lengths to test if the apparatus is reliable over its entire length). It is also very important to verify the condition of the measuring tape on the height board: it should be intact, attached over its full length to the board and display visible gradation marks, etc.
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