MUAC,Child 11.5 Red,PAC-50,English

Children's Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) measuring tape with cut-ff point at 11.5 cm, pack of 50 with instructions for use.
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Children's Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) measuring tape with cut-off point at 11.5 cm, pack of 50 tapes with text and pictorial instructions for use.

MUAC measuring tape is suitable for measuring child's Middle Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) with range up to 26.5 cm.
Graduated with 1 mm precision with thicker line at 21.0 cm.
Accuracy: ± 1 mm of the maximum measurement (26.5 cm)
Red (Pantone code 1795 C): from 0 to 11.5 cm,
Yellow (Pantone code 107 C) from 11.5 to 12.5 cm,
Green (Pantone code 369 C) from 12.5 to 26.5 cm.

Non-tear stretch-resistant plasticized paper, synthetic paper.
Minimum thickness 0.3mm.
Print: Permanent, resistant to solvents; easily readable in low light working situations.

Operating conditions: Temperature: 0°C - +40°C

Text and pictorial user instructions in English/French.

1. Ask the mother to remove clothing that may cover the child’s left arm.
2. Calculate the midpoint of the child’s left upper arm by first locating the tip of the child’s shoulder with your fingertips. Bend the child’s elbow to make the right angle. Place the tape at zero (indicated by two arrows) on the tip of the shoulder and pull the tape straight down past the tip of the elbow. Read the number at the tip of the elbow to the nearest centimetre. Divide this number by two to estimate the midpoint. As an alternative, bend the tape up to the middle length to estimate the midpoint. A piece of string can also be used for this purpose; it is more convenient and avoids damage to the tape. Mark the midpoint with a pen on the arm
3. Straighten the child’s arm and wrap the tape around the arm at the midpoint. Make sure the numbers are right side up. Make sure the tape is flat around the skin.
4. Inspect the tension of the tape on the child’s arm. Make sure the tape has the proper tension and is not too tight or too loose. Repeat any step as necessary.
5. When the tape is in the correct position on the arm with correct tension, read and call out the measurement to the nearest 0.1cm.

Malnourished children or those at risk, aged 6-59 months.

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