Scale mother/child, survey, batteries

Electronic scale for weighing adults and children, for use up to 150kg with 100g graduation. Powered with customer replaceable batteries. Scale allows a child's weight to be measured while being held by an adult.
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Digital weighing scale to weigh adults and children, weighing capacity up to 150kg. with 100g. graduation. Powered with customer replaceable batteries. The scale allows a child's weight to be measured while being held by an adult.

Measuring range 0.1 to 150 kg.
Graduation: 100 g.
Accuracy: ± 100 g over the entire range of measurement.
Portability: Easy to carry by a health worker in the field. Maximum weight 4.0 kg (including batteries); maximum dimensions: length: 360 mm, width: 400 mm, height: 70 mm.
Taring: Taring function is automatically initiated, without pressing any operational button. Taring function is initiated once a parent holds a child after being weighed first (mother child mode).
“Mother-child mode” is the default mode, alternative mother only mode can be activated by pressing an operational button.
Main on/off button has a feature to prevent accidental switching on or off and is easily accessible.
The on/off button does not serve any other purpose and is encased to be protected from rain, dust and humidity
Power saving feature automatically turns off the scale after 4-6 minutes of non-use.
Light-coloured foot mat to avoid heating if exposed to direct sun light.
Footprint markings on the mat to indicate correct standing position (optional).

Back-lit LCD or other feature for low light reading (eg <450 lumens).
Anti-glare screen with high contrast for bright light reading eg>1600 lumens).
Fixed weight display occurs within 5 seconds and is maintained for a minimum of 20 seconds after the load is removed or until the next weighing.
Display cover made of UV resistant durable easy to clean material, (eg plastic) withstanding 30psi without damaging scale, compliant to: ISO 877 standard.

Operating parameters: Scale operates within specifications (ie: accuracy of ± 100 g) in humidity up to 80% RH and temperature range of 0-45 degrees C.
Adjustable feet to level the scale, withstanding load of 300kg. without affecting scale accuracy.
Load cells and their housing are resistant to corrosion (compliant to EN / IEC 60529).
Scale has a built-in overload protection that protects the sensitive load cells from overload and stress during transportation. “Transport mode” or other mechanical feature that, when engaged, prevents damage during transportation.
Compliant with IEC standard 60529, IP53 for water and particle size permeability.
Compliant to EN 62262 IK 09 for impact resistance.

Power sources
Powered with a maximum of 6 AA batteries or equivalent (customer replaceable).
Minimum 5,000 measurements per battery set.

Supplied with:
Instructions for use, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting in English, Arabic, French and Spanish, appropriately illustrated with pictograms and graphics.
Separately packed batteries.
Comfortable rain and splash proof carry bag appropriate for transport by walking up to 2 hours.

Storage instructions
Storage conditions: From -20°C up to +65°C, up to 80% RH

“Transport mode” or other mechanical feature, when engaged, prevents damage during transportation.

Product lifespan:
Minimum 5 years

Service and Warranty
After sales service available for recalibration and repair in different parts of the world.
Warranty: 48 months after the date of purchase

One piece packed in a carton box, as per UNICEF general specifications for packaging.

As per UNICEF general specifications, including manufacturer’s name and address, manufacturing date, use by date, batch number, serial number, Device Identification reference number if applicable (GUDID, EUDID), material description and model number.

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS)
Scale is provided with dully filled out Material Safety Data Sheet.

Component of a Kit
S09902002, AWD, Periphery kit, equipment S9901029, IEHK2017, kit, suppl.2-equipment
S0114520, Portable baby/child/adult L-hgt mea.syst
S0114530, Portable baby/child L-hgt mea.syst/SET-2
S0114540, Portable baby/chd/adt L-H mea.syst/SET-2
S0140500, Scale,physician,adult,metric,6-180kg
S0145520, Scale,infant,clinic,beamtype,16kg x 10g
S0145555, Scale,infant,springtype,25kg x 100g
S0145556, Scale, baby, electronic, 10 kg, <5>
S0145620, MUAC,Child 11.5 Red/PAC-50
S0145630, MUAC,Adult,without colour code/PAC-50
S0189000, Weighing trousers/PAC-5
S0557000, Scale,infant,springtype,5kg x 25g
S0557200, Sling for use with scale 0145555,0557000

S0140500, Scale,physician,adult,metric,6-180kg (for stationed use only, cannot be transported by healthcare worker)
S0141022, Scale mother/child 250kg.batteries
S0141023, Scale mother/child 250kg bat.mains.solar
S0141024, Scale mother/child 150kg bat.mains.solar
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