NBK, Clinic, Module 2, Consumables

NBK, Newborn Kit, Clinic, Module 2, Consumables
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General description:
Interagency Newborn Kit, Clinic Kit, Module 2, Consumables

Intended use:
The Newborn Kits are designed for use in the acute phase of an emergency. The Newborn Kits are intended for use only in the early phase of an emergency. The kits are neither designed nor recommended for re-supplying existing equipment, supplies and drugs in health-care facilities.
The Kits are pre-packaged and standardized for global supply. They may contain items that are not appropriate for some settings.

Target Population and period of use:
For one facility serving a population of 30,000 for 3 months.

The Clinic Kit is designed for:
-Essential newborn care for uncomplicated live births
-Newborn resuscitation
-To stabilize newborns with serious infections prior to referral
-To care for preterm babies at the clinic or primary health care level

The Clinic Kit is to be used by trained personnel: midwives, nurses, medical doctors.

Kit contents/description:
QtyMaterial Description
6 S0709234Cannula IV short 24G, ster, disp, BOX-50
30 S0845079 Cup feeding, newborn
30 S0845182Gel, ultrasound, bottle
9S0330025Gloves,exam ,latex,pwdfree,medium/BOX-100
150 S0531990Infusion giving set,w/burette,ster,s.u.
5S0531996 Lancet,blood,ster,disp/PAC-200
7 S0747432Needle,disp,21G,ster/BOX-100
22 S0747445Needle ,disp,25G,ster/BOX-100
3 S0744301Needle,scalp vein,23G,ster,disp/BOX-50
10 S0523058 Swab,alcohol,6x3cm,BOX-100
18 S0782205Syringe,disp,2ml,ster/BOX-100
8S0782405Syringe,disp ,5ml,ster/BOX-100
3S0782203 Syringe,disp,1ml,ster/BOX-100
90 S0503015Medical tape,2.5cmx5m ,roll
10 S0584635 Bioline Syphilis 3.0, kit/30
12 S0904991Test strip, urine, 10 parameter, box/100
150S0373500 Tube,feeding,CH05,L40cm,ster,disp
150S0372000Tube,asp/feed,CH06 ,L125cm,ster,disp

Online resources:
WHO Partograph for labour progress records

Complementary Kits:
Complementary Reproductive Health (RH) Kits: The Clinic Kit is complementary to the UNFPA RH Clinical Delivery Kit 6 (Part A and B), which includes supplies for labor and delivery. To be ordered separately from UNFPA.
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