NBK, Hospital, Module 3, Equipment

NBK, Newborn Kit, Hospital, Module 3, Medical Equipment
Indicative Price 15,427.69 USD
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General description:
Interagency Newborn Kit, Hospital Kit, Module 3, Medical Equipment

Intended use:
The Newborn Kits are designed for use in the acute phase of an emergency. The Newborn Kits are intended for use only in the early phase of an emergency. The kits are neither designed nor recommended for re-supplying existing equipment, supplies and drugs in health-care facilities.
The Kits are pre-packaged and standardized for global supply. They may contain items that are not appropriate for some settings.

Target Population and period of use:
For one referral facility serving a population of 150,000 for 3 months.

The Hospital kit is designed for:
-Prevention and treatment of newborn infections
-Newborn resuscitation
-Care of preterm newborns with complications at the referral level

The kit is to be used by trained health personnel: midwives, nurses, medical doctors.

Kit contents/description:
QtyMaterial Description
15 S0845185Doppler,FHR detector,w/access
5S0845039Flow splitter ,for oxygen concentrator
1 S0845180Protector,eye,phototherapy,s.u./SET-3x20
5S0845212 Pulse oximeter,handheld,cont,w/resp rate
10S0845211Sensor, reusable, Rad-G, neonate, YI set
5S0845209 Foam wraps, for YI sensor, Rad-G/PAC-12
27S0845009Resuscitator ,hand-oper.,neonate,set
2 S0760640Pump,suction,foot-operated
2S0845151Resuscitator ,hand-oper.,child,set
2 S0390011Airway,Guedel,size00,ster,single use
2S0390022Airway ,Guedel,size0,ster,single use
2 S0390021Airway,Guedel,size1,ster,single use
2S0390041Airway ,Guedel,size2,ster,single use
2 S0390051Airway,Guedel,size3,ster,single use
2S0390061Airway ,Guedel,size4,ster,single use
15 S0145558Scale, baby, electronic, 10 kg, <5g>
50 S0845186Stand,infusion,double hook,on castors
10S0845184 Stethoscope, neonatal, binaural,complete
50S0845006Bulb, suction, neonatal, reusable
100S0567000 Tape measure,tailor's,fibreglass,1.5m
50S0481056Thermometer, clinical, digital, no Li
50S0845065 Timer,for respiration,ARI (mark 2)

If required, the following medical equipment must be ordered separately from UNICE Supply Division and will be shipped directly from the supplier.

QtyMaterial Description
20 S0002034Infusion pump,with accessories
25 S0002023Light ,examination,mobile,w/access
5 S0845038Oxygen concentrator, 10 LPM, single flow
6 S0002032 Photo therapy unit,w/access
1 S0845029Oxygen Analyzer, ultrasonic, handheld

Complementary Kits:
Complementary Reproductive Health (RH) Kits: The Hospital Kit is complementary to the UNFPA RH Kits 11 (Parts A and B) and 12 which includes supplies for obstetric surgery and blood transfusion. To be ordered separately from UNFPA.
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