NBK, Hospital, Module 1, Medicines

NBK, Newborn Kit, Hospital Kit, Module 1, Medicines
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General description:
Interagency Newborn Kit, Hospital Kit, Module 1, Medicines

Intended use:
The Newborn Kits are designed for use in the acute phase of an emergency. The Newborn Kits are intended for use only in the early phase of an emergency. The kits are neither designed nor recommended for re-supplying existing equipment, supplies and drugs in health-care facilities.
The Kits are pre-packaged and standardized for global supply. They may contain items that are not appropriate for some settings.

Target Population and period of use:
This module covers medicines for approximately 50-60 newborn complications.
5 modules should be ordered for one referral facility serving a population of 150,000 for 3 months.

The Hospital kit is designed for:
-Prevention and treatment of newborn infections
-Newborn resuscitation
-Care of preterm newborns with complications at the referral level

The kit is to be used by trained health personnel: midwives, nurses, medical doctors.

Kit contents/description:
QTYMaterial Description
1 S1521022Aciclovir pdr.inj 250mg vial/BOX-5
30 S1505046 Amoxici.pdr/oral sus 125mg/5ml/BOT-100ml
6 S1505043Amoxicillin 250mg disp.tab/PAC-(10x10)
28 S1505099Ampicillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-50
50 S1514135 Benzabenzylpen pdr.inj 1.2MIUv/sol/PAC-1
1 S1531019Benzylpenicillin pdr/inj 1MIU vl/BOX-100
80 S1562046 Caffeine Cit 10mg/ml or sol 5ml vl/PAC-1
25 S1533003Cefotaxime 500mg pdr/inj. vial/BOX-10
2 S1531006Ceftriaxone pdr/inj 250mg vial/BOX-50
300S1531042 Chlorhex.diglu.7.1% gel cord.c.TBE/20g
720S1572014Vitamin D3 133IU drops/BOT-15ml
500S1533005 Flucloxacil125mg/5ml pdr/or liq/BOT100ml
1 S1537065Cloxacillin pdr/inj 500mg vial/BOX-50
4 S1551961Gentamicin inj 10mg/ml 2ml amp/BOX-50
30 S1552118 Glucose 10% 500ml bot/BOX-20
50 S1585009Paracetamol 120mg/5ml or.liq/BOT-60ml
3 S1552119 Sodium Chloride 0.9% 500ml bot/BOX-20
500S1564320Sod.chloride inj.0.9% 10ml/BOX-5
60 S1560202 Phytomenadione 2mg/0.2ml inj. amp/BOX-5
6 S1560832Water for injection 10ml amp/BOX-50
300S1552510 Zinc oxide ointment 10%/TBE-100g

QTYMaterial Description
1 S0145577Info Note on Job Aids for New Born Kit
10S0145578 Job aid-Chlorhexidine gel- cord care -EN
10S0145579Job aid-Chlorhexidine gel- cord care -FR

Chlorhexidine can be removed from the kit if this is not needed based on national policy/practice.

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PLEASE NOTE: 3 x S1559313 Phenobarb Sod 100mg/ml 2ml amp/BOX-50 pt should be ordered separately. This product requires import license.

For malaria treatment, please see S9901028 IEHK2017,kit ,suppl.1b-malaria.Create hyperlink please

Online resources:
Essential Care for Every Baby, Provider Guide American Academy of Pediatrics, 2014

Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Field Guide UNICEF and Save the Children, 2018.Insert hyperlink:

Pocket Book of Hospital care for children . WHO, Second Edition, 2013.
Complementary Reproductive Health (RH) Kits:
The Hospital Kit is complementary to the UNFPA RH Kits 11 (Parts A and B) and 12 which includes supplies for obstetric surgery and blood transfusion. To be ordered separately from UNFPA.
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