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  1. Tube,snapcap,conic,1.5ml,BOX-500
    S0004108 Tube,snapcap,conic,1.5ml,BOX-500
    Indicative Price 6.43 USD
  2. Tube,snapcap,conic,2.0ml,BOX-500
    S0004109 Tube,snapcap,conic,2.0ml,BOX-500
    Indicative Price 6.72 USD
  3. Tube,snapcap,sterile,conic,2.0ml,BOX-500
    S0004110 Tube,snapcap,sterile,conic,2.0ml,BOX-500
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 8.45 USD
  4. Tube,PCR,wcap,8-stripformt,0.1ml,BOX-120
    S0004111 Tube,PCR,wcap,8-stripformt,0.1ml,BOX-120

    PCR tubes with caps, 8-strip format, 0.1ml, BOX-120
    Indicative Price 84.35 USD
  5. Tube,PCR,wcap,8-stripformt,0.2ml,BOX-12
    S0004112 Tube,PCR,wcap,8-stripformt,0.2ml,BOX-12

    PCR tubes with caps, 8-strip format, 0.2ml, BOX-12
    Indicative Price 5.25 USD
  6. Rack,96-well 0.2ml PCR microtubes,PACK-1
    S0004113 Rack,96-well 0.2ml PCR microtubes,PACK-1
    Indicative Price 7.78 USD
  7. Pipette,tip,barri,ster,20-200ul,RACK-960
    S0004118 Pipette,tip,barri,ster,20-200ul,RACK-960

    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 60.02 USD
  8. Pipette,transfer,sterile,5ml,BOX-500
    S0004140 Pipette,transfer,sterile,5ml,BOX-500
    Shelf life
    Indicative Price 60.45 USD
  9. Label,self-adhesive,freezer,Roll/1000
    S0006264 Label,self-adhesive,freezer,Roll/1000
    Indicative Price 48.02 USD
  10. Marker, diamond, Pack-1
    S0006265 Marker, diamond, Pack-1
    Indicative Price 31.51 USD
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Items 51-60 of 74

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