Electrical/battery Operated Equipment

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  1. Microscope, trinocular/camera, LED
    S0001660 Microscope, trinocular/camera, LED

    Microscope, trinocular, w/camera, LED
    Temperature considerations
    Indicative Price 5,930.48 USD
  2. Microscope, binocular, LED basic
    S0001661 Microscope, binocular, LED basic

    Microscope, binocular, LED basic
    Temperature considerations
    Indicative Price 1,380.86 USD
  3. Microscope, binocular, LED basic,cabinet
    S0001675 Microscope, binocular, LED basic,cabinet

    Microscope, binocular, LED basic with cabinet.
    Temperature considerations
    Indicative Price 1,614.97 USD
  4. Microscope,trinocular/camera,LED,cabinet
    S0001676 Microscope,trinocular/camera,LED,cabinet

    Microscope, trinocular, w/camera, LED with cabinet
    Temperature considerations
    Indicative Price 6,251.34 USD
  5. PCR Chamber, stand alone
    S0001799 PCR Chamber, stand alone

    Airstream Polymerase Chain Reaction Cabinet, 3ft/0.9m with additional shelf and LED light
    Indicative Price 2,679.14 USD
  6. PCR Plates Centrifuge
    S0004145 PCR Plates Centrifuge

    PCR Plates Centrifuge
    Indicative Price 2,195.19 USD
  7. ICE Maker
    S0004149 ICE Maker

    ICE Maker
    Indicative Price 1,503.85 USD
  8. Micro Centrifuge, 24x2ml
    S0004154 Micro Centrifuge, 24x2ml

    Micro Centrifuge, 24x2ml
    Indicative Price 1,264.91 USD
  9. Thermomixer with Dry Block
    S0004171 Thermomixer with Dry Block

    Thermomixer with Dry Block
    Indicative Price 3,577.22 USD
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Items 11-19 of 19

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