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  1. Motorcycle,Yamaha YBR125G
    S0004133 Motorcycle,Yamaha YBR125G

    Motorcycle, Yamaha YBR125G, on-road type, 2 seater
    Indicative Price 1,536.00 USD
  2. Motorcycle, Yamaha XTZ125E
    S0004134 Motorcycle, Yamaha XTZ125E

    Motorcycle, Yamaha XTZ125E
    Indicative Price 1,876.00 USD
  3. Motorcycle, Suzuki EN125-HUZ
    S0004135 Motorcycle, Suzuki EN125-HUZ

    Motorcycle, Suzuki EN125-HUZ
    Indicative Price 1,359.00 USD
  4. Motorcycle, Suzuki DR200SE
    S0004136 Motorcycle, Suzuki DR200SE

    Motorcycle, Suzuki DR200SE
    Indicative Price 22.77 USD
  5. Motorcycle, Honda CGL125
    S0004137 Motorcycle, Honda CGL125

    Motorcycle, Honda CGL125
    Indicative Price 1,295.00 USD
  6. Toyota Hiace,2WD,turbo diesel,15 seat
    S0008754 Toyota Hiace,2WD,turbo diesel,15 seat

    Toyota Hiace 4-door Standard Roof Commuter Bus, 4x2, LWB, Diesel Turbo
    Indicative Price 19,621.02 USD
  7. Toyota LC Prado,4WD,turbo diesel
    S0008755 Toyota LC Prado,4WD,turbo diesel

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4, 5-Door Wagon, Turbo Diesel
    Indicative Price 27,296.61 USD
  8. Toyota LC Prado,4WD,Diesel
    S0008766 Toyota LC Prado,4WD,Diesel

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado GX, 4WD, 5-door station wagon, back door swing-out type, 5 seater, 3 L diesel. Model Code: LJ120R/L-GKMEE (LHD/RHD).
    Indicative Price 22,798.08 USD
  9. Ambulance,Toyota LC HT 4WD,Diesel
    S0008770 Ambulance,Toyota LC HT 4WD,Diesel

    Ambulance, Toyota 4WD Land Cruiser Hard Top, 3-door back door swing-out type, 8 seater, 4.2 L diesel.
    Model Code: HZJ78R/L-RJMRS (LHD/RHD).
    Indicative Price 29,150.28 USD
  10. Ambulance,Toyota Hiace,Diesel
    S0008780 Ambulance,Toyota Hiace,Diesel

    Ambulance, Toyota 2WD Hi Ace minibus, 4 door w/1 sliding side door, back door lift-up type, 7 seater, 2.4 L diesel engine.
    Model Code: LH114L/R-BRMRS (LHD/RHD), with air conditioner.
    Indicative Price 290.14 USD
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