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  1. Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,MKII,Tool-Kit,Standrd
    S0009332 Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,MKII,Tool-Kit,Standrd

    Set of standard tools for installation and maintenance of SDWP & EDWP
    (India Mark II) hand pumps. The set may be customized.
    Indicative Price 141.00 USD
  2. Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,VLOM,MKII&III -Rods
    S0009334 Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,VLOM,MKII&III -Rods

    Connecting Rods for SDWP/EDWP and VLOM-50/65 Hand Pumps (INDIA MARK II &
    III types). Extension set of 3 meters length each.
    Indicative Price 1.00 USD
  3. Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,VLOM,MKII&III,-Risers
    S0009335 Handpump,SDWP,EDWP,VLOM,MKII&III,-Risers

    Selection of different corrosion resistant Riser Pipe sizes and types for INDIA MKII & MKIII (SDWP, EDWP & VLOM 50+65) types of hand pumps (PVC and/or Stainless Steel pipe materials).
    Indicative Price 1.00 USD
  4. Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60, 20m well
    S0005824 Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60, 20m well

    Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60, 20m well
    Indicative Price 1,742.33 USD
  5. Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV100,80m well
    S0005825 Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV100,80m well

    Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV100,80m well
    Indicative Price 3,794.64 USD
  6. Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60,55m well
    S0005826 Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60,55m well

    Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60,55m well
    Indicative Price 1,799.67 USD
  7. Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60,40m well
    S0005827 Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV60,40m well

    Foot pump, VERGNET HPV 100, for 40 metres installation depth.
    Indicative Price 1,707.59 USD
  8. Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV100,60m well
    S0005830 Footpump,VERGNET,type HPV100,60m well

    Foot pump, VERGNET HPV 100, for 60 metres installation depth
    Indicative Price 3,571.43 USD
  9. Handpump,NIRA,16m,3" dia well
    S0009115 Handpump,NIRA,16m,3" dia well

    Hand pump, (Nira AF 85) type, for 16 metres installation depth, and 3 inch diameter well.
    Indicative Price 1,256.28 USD
  10. Handpump,VOLANTA,60m well
    S0009142 Handpump,VOLANTA,60m well

    Hand pump, Volanta type, for installation depth of 60 metres.
    Storage consideration
    Indicative Price 2,884.00 USD
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Items 51-60 of 95

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