Water Testing

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  1. Flask,thick wall,w/sidearm,250ml,MICS
    S0000596 Flask,thick wall,w/sidearm,250ml,MICS

    Flask with side-arm tubulation and heavy duty/thick wall for use as vacuum flask, 250ml, Pyrex or sturdy plastic, Buchner/Kitasato flask type or similar filtration flask for use in water quality labor
    Indicative Price 8.97 USD
  2. Incubator,portable,app.1L,MICS programme
    S0000597 Incubator,portable,app.1L,MICS programme

    Incubator, portable, app. 1L, for Microbiological Field Test, MICS programmes
    Storage consideration
    Indicative Price 430.12 USD
  3. Conductivity meter,pocket,0-100 mS
    S0005446 Conductivity meter,pocket,0-100 mS

    Pocket size electrical conductivity meter having a range of 0-100 mS.
    Indicative Price 145.00 USD
  4. Turbidity Meter, Hand Held, 0-1000 NTU
    S0005490 Turbidity Meter, Hand Held, 0-1000 NTU

    Turbidity Meter, Hand Held, for digital measurement of water turbidity.
    Measuring range from 0 to 1000 NTU or more.
    Indicative Price 530.13 USD
  5. Turbidity measurement tube, 5-1000 NTU
    S0005491 Turbidity measurement tube, 5-1000 NTU

    Turbidity Tube allowing for visual measurement of water turbidity
    (Two-part tube). Measuring range from 0-1000 NTU
    Indicative Price 8.37 USD
  6. Arsenic test kit,extended range **
    S0005521 Arsenic test kit,extended range **

    Visual Arsenic test kit for field use, including 100 tests. 24months shelf life.

    Hazardous materials Shelf life
    Indicative Price 45.00 USD
  7. Arsenator/Digital Arsenic Reader As **
    S0005523 Arsenator/Digital Arsenic Reader As **

    Portable digital Arsenic test scanner, to be used with S0005521-Arsenic test kit (must be ordered separately).
    Indicative Price 1,699.99 USD
  8. Port.Water Tst Kit,Advanced,Single Incub
    S0005828 Port.Water Tst Kit,Advanced,Single Incub

    Portable Water Quality Test Kit, Advanced version with SINGLE Incubator, Photometer and Digital meters for Microbiological and Physico-Chemical testing in the field, including start-up consumables for 200-250 tests.
    Indicative Price 2,455.33 USD
  9. Port.Water Test Kit,Incubator kit,alone
    S0005837 Port.Water Test Kit,Incubator kit,alone

    Portable, Water Quality Test Kit for Microbiological testing in the field. Single Incubator with temperature adjustment for Total or Faecal Coliform detection. With filtration kit and start-up consumables for 300 tests.
    Indicative Price 892.86 USD
  10. Photometer Reagents Kit f. 0005828,-0567
    S0005851 Photometer Reagents Kit f. 0005828,-0567

    Photometer Reagents Kit
    Indicative Price 409.78 USD
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