Water Testing

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  1. Pump, vacuum, hand pistol grip, for MICS
    S0000585 Pump, vacuum, hand pistol grip, for MICS

    Pistol grip vacuum hand pump for filtration flask – for MICS water quality testing programmes.
    Indicative Price 90.63 USD
  2. Tube, rubber, f/vacuum filtration,MICS
    S0000586 Tube, rubber, f/vacuum filtration,MICS

    Rubber (or Silicone) tube, 8mm ID, 11 mm OD, for use with laboratory vacuum filtration. For Microbiological water testing (e.g. MICS). (Note: tube length of 10 m for 50-75 filter sets).
    Indicative Price 42.41 USD
  3. Incubation Belt for MICS
    S0000593 Incubation Belt for MICS

    Incubation belt - to hold water testing samples close to the body for 24 hours incubation at close to body temperature – capacity to hold at least 18 E. coli testing plates (e.g. for MICS programmes).
    Indicative Price 4.50 USD
  4. Flask,thick wall,w/sidearm,250ml,MICS
    S0000596 Flask,thick wall,w/sidearm,250ml,MICS

    Flask with side-arm tubulation and heavy duty/thick wall for use as vacuum flask, 250ml, Pyrex or sturdy plastic, Buchner/Kitasato flask type or similar filtration flask for use in water quality labor
    Indicative Price 10.88 USD
  5. Incubator,portable,app.1L,MICS programme
    S0000597 Incubator,portable,app.1L,MICS programme

    Incubator, portable, app. 1L, for Microbiological Field Test, MICS programmes
    Indicative Price 579.10 USD
  6. Stand, vacuum filter support,1-place,SS
    S5006120 Stand, vacuum filter support,1-place,SS

    Stand, vacuum filter support,1-place,SS
    Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 1,119.51 USD
  7. Funnels, 100ml, w/MCE filters
    S5006125 Funnels, 100ml, w/MCE filters

    Box with 150x funnels ,100ml, and 150x 0.45µm MCE membrane filters for easy single-use water microbial testing. Product is part of the MICS water quality testing set.
    Shelf life Temperature considerations Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 195.10 USD
  8. Turbidity tube
    S0005892 Turbidity tube

    Turbidity tube for simple visual measurement of water turbidity

    Indicative Price 65.57 USD
  9. Turbidity meter, portable
    S0005893 Turbidity meter, portable

    Compact, handheld, and waterproof digital meter to measure turbidity

    Indicative Price 522.55 USD
  10. Conductivity meter, portable
    S0005894 Conductivity meter, portable

    Compact, handheld and waterproof digital meter to measure conductivity and temperature

    Indicative Price 159.52 USD
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Items 31-40 of 53

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