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  1. Adult,airway trainer
    S0000071 Adult,airway trainer

    Adult, airway trainer
    Indicative Price 962.80 USD
  2. Adult,injection arm trainer
    S0000072 Adult,injection arm trainer

    Adult, injection arm trainer
    Indicative Price 503.28 USD
  3. Adult,lumbar puncture trainer
    S0000073 Adult,lumbar puncture trainer

    Adult, lumbar puncture trainer
    Indicative Price 771.33 USD
  4. Newborn,advanced care trainer
    S0000074 Newborn,advanced care trainer

    Newborn, advanced care trainer
    Indicative Price 815.10 USD
  5. Newborn,CPR,advanced care simulator
    S0000079 Newborn,CPR,advanced care simulator

    Newborn, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), advanced care simulator.
    Indicative Price 1,280.09 USD
  6. Newborn,CPR simulator
    S0000080 Newborn,CPR simulator

    Newborn, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) simulator.
    Indicative Price 590.81 USD
  7. Newborn,injection arm trainer
    S0000081 Newborn,injection arm trainer

    Newborn, injection arm trainer.
    Indicative Price 300.88 USD
  8. Advanced childbirth simulator
    S0000082 Advanced childbirth simulator

    Advanced childbirth simulator.
    Indicative Price 700.22 USD
  9. Fetal baby,w/umbilical cord & placenta
    S0000083 Fetal baby,w/umbilical cord & placenta

    Foetal baby with umbilical cord and placenta
    Indicative Price 180.53 USD
  10. Labor delivery module
    S0000085 Labor delivery module

    Labor delivery module
    Indicative Price 700.22 USD
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Items 1-10 of 2398

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