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  1. CyFlow,sheath fluid,5L
    S0001286 CyFlow,sheath fluid,5L

    CyFlow, sheath fluid, 5L
    Indicative Price : 16.59 USD
  2. CyFlow,CD4[abs,%]counter,w/startkit
    S0001280 CyFlow,CD4[abs,%]counter,w/startkit

    CyFlow CD4 counter, complete with UPS and all essential supporting devices; delivered with consumables, reagents and controls for 300 tests; including installation and on-site training.
    Indicative Price : 22,744.83 USD
  3. CyFlow,pipette tip,50-1000ul/BOX-1000
    S0001257 CyFlow,pipette tip,50-1000ul/BOX-1000

    CyFlow, pipette tip, 50-1000ul/BOX-1000
    Indicative Price : 27.66 USD
  4. CyFlow,pipette tip,2-200ul/BOX-1000
    S0001256 CyFlow,pipette tip,2-200ul/BOX-1000

    CyFlow, pipette tip, 2-200ul/BOX-1000
    Indicative Price : 22.65 USD
  5. CyFlow,hypochloride solution,250ml
    S0001255 CyFlow,hypochloride solution,250ml

    CyFlow, hypochloride solution, 250ml
    Indicative Price : 23.51 USD
  6. CyFlow,cleaning solution,250ml
    S0001254 CyFlow,cleaning solution,250ml

    CyFlow, cleaning solution, 250ml
    Indicative Price : 8.85 USD
  7. CyFlow,decontamination solution,250ml
    S0001253 CyFlow,decontamination solution,250ml

    CyFlow, decontamination solution, 250ml
    Indicative Price : 27.66 USD
  8. CyFlow,check bead,2x25ml,50 tests
    S0001252 CyFlow,check bead,2x25ml,50 tests

    CyFlow, check beads, 2x25ml, 50 tests
    Indicative Price : 51.18 USD
  9. CyFlow,sample tube 3.5ml/BOX-500
    S0001251 CyFlow,sample tube 3.5ml/BOX-500

    CyFlow, sample tube 3.5ml/BOX-500
    Indicative Price : 13.69 USD
  10. CyFlow,Easycount,CD4[abs],100 tests
    S0001250 CyFlow,Easycount,CD4[abs],100 tests

    CyFlow, Easycount, CD4[absolute], 100 tests.
    Indicative Price : 191.47 USD
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