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  1. Pump,suction,surgical,1 bottle,w/access
    S0002028 Pump,suction,surgical,1 bottle,w/access

    Suction unit, for minor surgery, medical interventions and resuscitation (high vacuum/low flow), 1 bottle, AC powered mounted on a trolley for mobility
    Indicative Price 807.32 USD
  2. Pump,suction,surgical,2 bottles,w/access
    S0002029 Pump,suction,surgical,2 bottles,w/access

    Suction unit, for surgery (high vacuum/high flow), 2 bottles, mounted on a trolley, AC powered.
    Indicative Price 995.35 USD
  3. Monitor,patient,portable,w/access
    S0002031 Monitor,patient,portable,w/access

    Patient vital signs monitor, 6 physiological parameters; ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, Non-invasive blood pressure and pulseoximetry and temperatur. Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients, AC and battery powered, including accessories.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 1,615.40 USD
  4. Photo therapy unit,w/access
    S0002032 Photo therapy unit,w/access

    Phototherapy unit, LED, overhead, mobile, for the treatment of neonatal hyper-bilirubinaemia, AC powered, with accessories.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 2,247.59 USD
  5. Infusion pump,with accessories
    S0002034 Infusion pump,with accessories

    Volumetric single channel infusion pump. User programmable for infusion volume VTBI (Volume To Be Infused), time and flow rate. AC and battery powered including accessories.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 424.20 USD
  6. Table,resusc,newborn,w/access
    S0002035 Table,resusc,newborn,w/access

    Neonatal mobile resuscitation table, including radiant warmer, overhead light and APGAR timer and X-ray slot including accessories.
    Indicative Price 2,419.00 USD
  7. Anaesthesia machine,closed circuit,w/acc
    S0002046 Anaesthesia machine,closed circuit,w/acc

    Anaesthesia unit, closed or semi-closed circuit, AC and battery powered , inlcuding vaporizer, mixer and other accessories.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 11,729.00 USD
  8. CPAP,bubble,medical,new-born
    S0002048 CPAP,bubble,medical,new-born

    Bubble CPAP non-invasive respiratory support system, for all normal , premature and low birth-weight neonates. Comes with humidifier , air/oxygen mixer, and accessories.
    Hazardous materials
    Indicative Price 3,284.91 USD
  9. Nebulizer,electric,w/access
    S0002057 Nebulizer,electric,w/access

    Nebulizer, two models avaialble: compressor driven or mesh model, portable or hand held, AC powered, with accessories. Indicate any preference when ordering.
    Indicative Price 66.02 USD
  10. Defibrillator,AED,w/access
    S0002058 Defibrillator,AED,w/access

    Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for adult and paediatric patients, bi-phasic, compact and portable, battery powered, with accessories
    Hazardous materials Shelf life
    Indicative Price 1,855.00 USD
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